Alright? I'm Alo, or farmboy to some people. I like weed, my dog, my van and my computer, especially my computer. You could say I'm single at the moment, but to be honest, I'll take anything I can get, which to be fair, isn't much. I live in Bristol too, on a farm, hence farmboy, it's pretty shit, actually, it's terrible. And before you try to make any, I've heard all the ginger jokes before. And no, I'm not that bloke from Harry Potter. I'm in a band now too, it's called Fuck Norris, y'know if anyones interested.
Sticking It To The Fucking Man.

Alo had made sure his parents were long gone before he texted Effy. They had left with strict instructions, not a single soul was to enter or leave the farm, naturally he agreed, not wanting to raise suspicion by protesting, he knew if he did they wouldn’t leave, and Alo couldn’t think of anything worse than his parents and Effy interacting, though she probably wouldn’t have been allowed to take a step past the gates, his mother would most likely accuse her of trespassing and that would put an end to the girl’s first encounter with a farm. It wasn’t much of a farm, certainly not something anyone would be impressed by, Alo thought he should clean up, but he wasn’t sure where to start, he thought he might spray something around the place, something he’d probably find in the bathroom, it was fair to say that the scent of the farm wasn’t the most inviting. 

He sat down, leaning against an uncomfortable wall. He would have preferred to spend the day out, but Effy had never been on a farm before and he was determined to make her first visit a good one. Alo fished around in his strangely large pocket for a spliff he remembered rolling earlier, pulling it out victoriously he began searching for the lighter in his other pocket, after what seemed like a scavenger hunt, he found it and lit the joint, inhaling and enjoying the warmth. He had supplies for more, for once Alo had been organized, remembering to buy some before Effy came over, granted it was cheap, and probably shit, but it was weed, and that was the main thing. 

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With all the time Rich had spent worrying about Grace cheating on him, he hadn’t really gotten a chance to hang out with Alo since before the wedding. They were supposed to be best mates, and Rich had only recently forgiven Alo for being a no show on his wedding day. And of course, now Alo was jealous of all the time he’d been spending with Mini. They were going to meet up at the farm that afternoon, and as Rich didn’t have a car, he was having a bloody hard time trying to start his parents’ and once he got it started, he was off. He couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of Grace sleeping with JJ, and the thought of her leaving him for the twat. Rich swallowed hard, and shook the thoughts of paranoia from his mind. Once he arrived at the farm, he spotted Alo on his front step, and waved towards him.

Alo sat on his front step, his mum and dad were inside, arguing about what to watch on the television, Alo figured it was best to just stay out of it. He was nearly finished his spliff when Rich arrived. Rich waved at him and he stood up, “Alright, mate? Has your hair grown, it’s been what? Like a year in girl world.” Alo didn’t know much about girls, but he had read somewhere that when two best friends didn’t see each other for more than a week, it was the exact same as not seeing each other for a year. Not much had happened with Alo since the last time they had spoken, what could happen when he spent most of his time on the farm, or driving his dad in and out to hospital, all false alarms, thankfully. He felt like a right twat for missing the wedding, he had rented a suit and everything, but life got in the way, as it usually did. He was glad Rich had forgiven him, for a while he wasn’t sure if he would or not. Alo held the remainder of his spliff toward Rich, offering it to him. He had no idea what they would do, but between the two of them, he was sure they’d think of something. Alo could feel his keys in his pocket, the van, that could take them somewhere. “Want to go to the pub or something? It has to be more exciting than here.” 

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Nick was finally glad to be back in Bristol and around familiar surroundings and friends. The word friends was slowly starting to sink in, it was a nice feeling. Nick never really had anyone he could call a real friend before. Alo was someone who took him in straight from the beginning and didn’t judge Nick for the things he did previously. Nick’s return to Bristol was obviously an excuse for the two boys to go for an all night drink binge.

As Nick looked around the kitchen, it was clearly a mess. Something he hadn’t cleaned up for weeks and had no urge to. Dirty plates placed beside the sink and dirty clothes scattered around outside the washing machine. He shrugged once and reached up to the cupboard in front of him to pull out a bottle of vodka and a few bottles of lager for him and Alo to drink. As the last bottle hit the counter he heard a knock from the front door. “Alo,” he muttered as he made his way towards the door.

Alo finished his last spliff before he left the farm in the infamous blue van, he hoped Nick would have some, but knowing his luck, he doubted it. It had been a while since Alo had last seen Nick, he had several questions, but he would save those for later, he was just glad that he was getting to see his friend. It wasn’t like they were alike, or at least it didn’t seem like it on the outside, it was as if they came from two different worlds. There was himself, a farmboy, who wouldn’t be considered the most popular guy in the world, and then there was Nick, a rugby player with what seemed like an endless number of mates. 

Alo jumped out of the van, shutting the door extra hard, the van was getting old, it needed a bit of help along the way. The paint was chipping off the sides and if you looked closely, there were small messages left by passers by written on the back. He walked down Nick’s driveway, and knocked on the door, he hadn’t been to the house too often, but he knew the way, and that was always a start. Alo wasn’t always reliable when it came to directions, his friends’ words, not his. 

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Alo grabbed whatever alcohol he could out of his parent’s cabinet and shoved it into the first bag he found, he’d been running low on money and liquor, but Alo wasn’t about to tell Mini. Even if he had had money, he probably wouldn’t have had the time to buy anything. Alo ran into his room, checking the time as he did so, it wasn’t as if they had set a certain time, but arriving at someone’s house hours after he’d agreed to come over was just bad manners, not that he was one for manners. Alo grabbed his remaining spliffs and cigarettes, whatever he could find, snatched his keys off the bedside table, ran out of the house and jumped into his blue van. 

He made the somewhat familiar, bump trek to Mini’s house. The van was getting old, he could tell by how slow it was going, it was either that or the steep hill. Alo parked the van beside Mini’s house, not caring that it was on double yellow lines, it wouldn’t be the first time he got a ticket, plus they never really checked anyway, as far as he was concerned, it was safe. Alo took the bag full of supplies with him and knocked on the door, as he waited he ran his hands through his hair, looking at his reflection in the window, he wanted to look his best in case Mini’s mum answered the door. 

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Naomi had taking things too far, she hadn’t meant to piss Katie off, it was just so funny but then the claws came out, Naomi got her back up and when her and Katie smashed heads it was always going to be explosive, they were both too stubborn, Naomi’s only weakness being when Em asked her to calm it down, she knew she’d give in eventually. That’s why she text Alo, he seemed like a good guy and she was always up for a night out.

Heading to the usual pub she ordered a JD’s and coke, with a couple of vodka chasers. Well fuck them. Naomi knew what kind of mood she was in, and it was never good, when she got like this she often ended up getting into fights and being kicked out of whatever club or bar she was in. Hopefully the Ginger Ninja would keep her head steady.

Alo walked toward the pub, he had just finished his last spliff, a great start to the evening, he hoped Naomi would have some, and maybe, if she was feeling generous, she’d share the wealth, but he had never been too lucky. He walked with his hands in his pockets, looking down at the ground, he wasn’t in the mood to talk to people from college, they were all the same conversations, asking how he was as if they cared, and then he would be expected to ask how they were in return, when if he was being honest, he really didn’t give a shit, unless they were fit girls, then he cared, a bit. 

He walked into the pub, nodding his head at a group of men his father were friends with, they nodded back, the occasional one waving, he had never much liked his fathers friends, and the ones he did like never seemed to like his dad that much, they were just there for the food, they eventually fucked off though, after realizing some other boring old man’s wife cooked nicer food, and she was probably much hotter as well. He had talked to Naomi before, she seemed alright, she didn’t seem to care what too many people thought of her, he admired that, most of the girls he knew could barely go ten minutes without looking in a mirror. He walked towards her, noticing her blonde hair first. “Alright?” He asked, taking a seat beside her. 

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Alo leant against the thirft shop window, smoking what remained of a spliff. He had attempted to wear something decent, but in the end her wore whatever he could find, his room was a bit of a mess at the moment, and he didn’t want to deal with all the shit that would be caused if he asked her to do some laundry. Alo knew Mini would probably turn her nose up at him, but thats what they were here for, right? They were here to get new clothes, cheap clothes hopefully, as he hadn’t brought much money, and he was planning on buying himself - and maybe Mini if she agreed - a drink, or two, depending on how much the suit cost, to be perfectly honest he couldn’t have cared less about the suit, or the dresses, he just needed ot get out of the house, his parents and boredom were about to drive him insane, his dad was forever watching coronation street and whenever he’d walk in his pussy of a father would blame it on his mum, as if she would watch that in a million years. He was also extremely tired - and contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t from wanking, he had been working extra hard on the farm lately, late nights and early mornings were never a good combination. He ran his free hand through his hair, trying to make it look a bit more presentable, he could have at least put some effort into his appearance, his mum had even commented on it, saying he looked far too tired to be going anywhere, he was sure she was just saying that though, and that she would late contradict herself by yelling at him to get his arse up and help his father. 

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